Tuesday, October 11, 2011

September 25th, ~ Lori's Baby Shower

Way back on September 25th, Brad and I headed north to Kent for Lori's baby shower. Sara hosted a wonderful shower for her sister at the old Kent Jail house. She included custom invitations themed "Look who's ready to POP!" with shades brown, blue and green. We played loads of games and enjoyed delicious food and handmade cake pops.

Sara hand crafted these cake pops, and even included a super cute lamb pop. Lambs were Lori's favorite animal when we were little.

Baby picture board of Lori and Dean.

Carter baby decor.

Grandma Lou with a big pile of gifts.

Aunt Terri's lamb quilt.

My mom knitted this little lamb for little Carter.

Sara says "where's mine?"

Kent state sweater also knitted by my Mom.

One-z to go with it!

Here are the gifts I made for Lori.

1. hand stitched dog bib

2. hand stitched little monster bib

3. knitted pumpkin hat

4. my first brown's sweater complete with orange buttons

5. hand painted Lori the lamb and Dean the goat paintings

Siefer girls

{Meghan, Lori, Sue and Sara}

Aunt Terri and the Preggos!

{Lori, Terri, Me}

Double Bump

{Lori and Me}


{Lori, Sara and Me}

Siefer Sisters

{Meghan, Lori, Sara}

The new Daddy and Mommy to be....

What's your guess for Lori's due date??? I have October 31st!

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baby shower photo invitations said...

I am very excited for you, you must have a great baby shower!